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Learning from life
More To Life offers a range of other courses based on applying the primary tools of the program and practicing them in your life. Advanced courses within the program allow you to get a deeper grasp of your potential and focus on specific areas of your life.

The place to start is the More To Life weekend or one of the short courses, such as the Power of Purpose and the Power of Self Esteem, where you learn the basic tools and practices.

Following the More To Life weekend, you may take any of the focus courses offered or you may go for the first of several residential courses, Way of a Warrior. Each follow-on course is designed to allow you to make new steps of learning and growth in every area of your life.

More To Life courses are available in many parts of the world, including the short courses - the Power of Purpose and the Power of Self Esteem. These are mainly offered by More To Life mentors around the world, and The Power of Self Esteem currently makes up one of the world's largest programs for the enhancement of self-esteem.

The short courses can be offered privately, through colleges or schools, or in partnership with other non-profit organizations.

You can get a summary of the curriculum in this section and if you'd like to find out when the next course is being offered in your area, click on register for a course. You can also get in touch with your local center if you'd like to speak to someone about the program and what you might be able to gain from it.

Courses - Introduction
An overview of the courses we have to offer.
Transform the way you see the world and yourself within it.
Discover The Power of Self Esteem,
The Power of Purpose, and
The Power of Connection.
Deepen your ability on specific subjects with these courses.
Dramatically enhance your growth on a week long residential.