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Design & Align Team Report:

Structure and Governance Team: Kay Bastin, Ian Forbes, Alyson Morley, Lindiwe Ndlela

Our Team Purpose comes in three parts:

  1. complete the work of designing the new organization structure;
  2. develop and implement a plan to educate the More To Life community about the new structure;
  3. develop and implement a plan to transition to the new structure.

We have fleshed out a brand new organisation structure. It is international, it recognizes the key stakeholder groups (based firmly in existing country arrangements, as well as trainers, mentors and coaches), it acknowledges the strength and importance of our community interest, and it incorporates all of these factors in a participatory structure. We want to create the right format for the effective stewardship of the program, and the appropriate oversight of the day-to-day running of More To Life as a training organization with so much to offer, through a series of personal transformations.

Our governance plans foresee professional leadership, especially in those areas which are vital to our mission to get the work into the world. We see a structure where all of us will work together on some things and independently on others, towards our common goals.

The new structure will work most effectively when it is vitalized by our community and our volunteers. We know the importance of drawing on support from you in the community while also providing what many of you have been asking for in terms of professional-standard management of the fundamentals, as well as top-flight marketing and development services. The means, in other words, to get the work out into the world for our generation, and the next!

If you want to have a say, or join us, please contact Ian at

25 April 2016

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