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Organizing a big international trip from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Europe requires time and money.

I know that our very dear friends in South Africa would love to find a way to get 10 people to the Conference. And there are some in NZ, and Europe, who I know would like to come too, but don’t yet have the money.

And here are some numbers: median household income in New Zealand is $35,600, in South Africa is $5,200, in the UK is $31,600, in Australia is $46,600, in the USA $43,600 and I don’t have a number for Spain. And those are medians. They do not take account of individual circumstances.

So we are looking for coordinators in each community, especially in South Africa, in New Zealand and in the UK to coordinate the receipt of funds and work with your communities to allocate them to people that the community wants to support – people you know will add their experience, wisdom and skill to the Conference.

And we are looking for hundreds and hundreds of sponsors to give and make this work. Every little bit counts. In fact this is Making Money Count.

I also, don’t want us to forget that there will be some in the USA who may need a hand to get there. Who will coordinate?

This will need to be self-organizing. Choose where you want your money to go, find the coordinator (contact Steb if you don’t know the coordinator yet) and please make it happen.

There is urgency for this – making big travel plans takes time.

– Steb Fisher | Enrollment Team | Design & Align International Conference, Atlanta, 8-10 July 2016

This post first appeared in a slightly different form on various Facebook Pages & Groups of the international More To Life Community

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  1. Greg Morehouse 11 May 2016 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    Thanks Steb, the contribution towards my involvement from NZ was much appreciated! i’m looking forward to meeting this amazing world wide community soon…

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