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Purpose_outcomes_74710419featuredPurpose Statement

The purpose of the Alignment Conference is to come together, and engage the More To Life community to present, discuss, collaborate, modify and adopt a way forward that is:

  • clear and comprehensive
  • practical and strategic
  • accountable and sustainable
  • true to our purpose, values, and practices, and which

revitalizes and fuels a:

  • profound
  • enthusiastic
  • aligned

willingness, wisdom and commitment to enable More To Life to grow and flourish as an effective, respected and recognized global presence by 2022.

Desired Conference Outcomes


1. A critical mass and representative sample of the More To Life community participates in the event -over 100 people live on site, and many hundreds more from every single global More To Life community live via the internet. (*Conference Enrollment Team) *Red type identifies the D&A team working toward this outcome.

Clearing and Letting Go

2. We honor and let go of the past. We get closure with personal and institutional Lifeshocks and mind-talk blocking us from moving forward and working together in new ways, including Brad’s passing, trainers leaving, ineffective organizational policies/processes/procedures, downward slide of enrollment, interpersonal conflicts, finances, past failed attempts at leadership and change, etc. (Alignment Conference Planning Team)


3. We have a MTL Vision, which includes: purpose, values, practices, major goals, vivid description of the future, and strategic assumptions. Everyone understands what the top organizational priorities are at this time. (All Teams have a part in this)

4. Everyone has an opportunity to ask questions, give input and collaboratively modify the MTL Vision. Everyone embraces the idea that:  “We are all in this together! Every hand is needed and every voice will be welcomed.” (All Teams have a part in this)

Action Plans and Hot Topics

5. We have Action Plans with specific tasks, decisions, timelines and accountabilities required to accomplish our major goals. We all understand what is going to happen next with this change process and MTL overall. (All Teams have a part in this)

6. Action Plans to be presented by teams and collaboratively modified by participants, include: marketing; organization structure and governance; IP, licensing and contracting; trainer alignment; fund raising and development; business plan; communications; new product development; product innovation; process redesign and documentation. (All Teams have a part in this)

7. Hot topics to be presented, discussed and addressed include:

  1. How does the new international structure identify and integrate all major stakeholder groups and incorporate them into the organizational governance. How will decisions be made, who is responsible for what, who will be in the role of context holders/trustees. The topic and use of deep democracy is explored and addressed. (Structure & Governance Team)
  2. What paid staff positions will be created, what are job descriptions for staff positions, what is the timeline for hiring staff. (Structure & Governance Team AND Selection Team)
  3. How does fund raising work, how do fundraising & development activities occur both internationally and at the country level, how do we allow for nonmonetary contributions. What are specific next steps for fund-raising. (Fundraising Team AND President’s Council)
  4. What is the MTL business model. (Business Model & Plan Team)
  5. We have a clear understanding  of the role of the trainers in our organization.  (Licensing, Contracting & IP Team AND Trainer and Community Alignment Team)
  6. There are Standard Contracts that Senior Trainers, Associate Trainers, Mentors, and MTL Coaches will sign that cover their roles within the organization.  (Licensing, Contracting & IP Team AND Trainer and Community Alignment Team)
  7. Everyone understands and agrees what is meant by the concept: “freeing up the IP.” (Licensing, Contracting & IP Team)
  8. How will contracting and licensing work short and long term. (Licensing, Contracting & IP Team)
  9. How will MTL appropriately empower people wishing to carry this work into their own business settings – and be able to do so in a win/win manner that will strengthen their relationship with MTL. (Product Development & Innovation Team AND Licensing, Contracting & IP Team)
  10. What is the process with detailed steps to be taken for new product development and new courses. (Product Development & Innovation Team AND Licensing, Contracting & IP Team)
  11. What is the marketing plan, what methods will be used, what staff or external marketing firms will be used, what public market segments will we target, what “best practice” marketing methods can be utilized, how will voices from enrollment efforts be used, how will students be engaged after each MTL experience, how will we integrate traditional personal enrollment with new internet marketing methods, how will key market metrics be captured to measure progress. (Marketing, Sales & Public Relations Team)
  12. How will MTL be brought fully up to date with current information, internet and other technologies. (Communications Team)
  13. What are the significant communications components needed for a robust and dependable system for 2-way communications and a comprehensive, working database. (Communications Team)
  14. What are the components of the proposed communications grass-roots-level “toolkit” (with templates, graphics and pictures) for promotional use on all course offerings, including pre-event, during the event, and post-event follow-up; how will we refresh and expand the course promotion toolkit in the future.  (Marketing, Sales & Public Relations Team)
  15. What is the list of organizational processes and procedures that will, over the next 12-months, be reviewed, modified or where necessary, created, for MTL. There is a finalized approval process for these policies and procedures where those people most directly affected will have their voice heard in this process. (Policies & Processes Documentation Team)
  16. How do we create “the feel of the training room” into the culture or “feel of the organization”. (Trainer & Community Alignment Team)

8. We are all able to answer the question posed for any of the identified Action Plan Topics, “How will this time be different from past attempts?” (All Teams have a part in this)

9. Everyone understands and agrees that the future success of MTL is dependent on developing, clearly defining, and implementing roles and responsibilities, and boundaries of authority for key positions and groups. (Structure & Governance Team AND Business Model & Plan Team AND Trainer & Community Alignment Team)

10. We share a strong sense of ourselves as an international organization now and a commitment to maintain that going forward. We are committed to sharing learnings between local MTL communities across the globe. (Alignment Conference Planning Team AND All Teams as able to contribute)

Connection, Commitment and Moving Forward

11. We all agree that to date, the Alignment Conference has demonstrated the strongest effort and level of engagement from the MTL community across the world. All voices representing MTL were both heard and respected. (Alignment  Conference Planning Team)

12. We appreciate and honor our successes and how far we have come. We appreciate each other and our contributions. (Alignment  Conference Planning Team)

13. We have a deeper connection with each other personally. We have a revitalized commitment to the work, the community – local and global – and to ourselves. We are grateful and inspired moving forward. (Alignment Conference Planning Team)

14. We are all energized with rediscovered and refreshed enthusiasm for the work of the program  – and have the commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to embody a vision of the future, and work together in new ways to accomplish the above goals. (Alignment  Conference Planning Team)

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