Call to Action: It’s Time!

It's time

Steb Fisher, Enrollment Team Coordinator writes:

To all who have taken the More To Life Weekend:

I would prefer to speak to each one of you personally if I could, but this message is to let you know that many of you will receive a call from the enrolling team about the More To Life Alignment Conference in Atlanta 8-10 July. If you don’t get one, then please email me at and let’s set up a time to talk.

This message is also a call to action.

You may know that for several years the numbers of trainings and enrollments have been falling. You may know that this is putting severe financial strain on the organization and threatening its existence. In addition, we have lost several trainers. My experience of the organization at the moment is that some parts are experiencing renewed energy and others are at a low ebb, with not much energy to put into communities and the work. There are many “demands” on our time, and currently More To Life might appear somewhat chaotic as its students work to give the Programme a radical overhaul so that all the different parts can work effectively together and we can grow again. As usual, this is both bad news and good news.

I think it was co-founder Roy Whitten quoting a friend who had been through some very dark times who said, “I have seen the bottom and it is firm.” What I continue to see everywhere I go (in person and virtually) is that the work is our solid foundation. There is a deep love and trust in the work we do. For me it is unshakeable. And from this solid foundation I can see us growing with renewed strength, getting all the lifeshocks from this turbulent time, learning from them, and harnessing that unbridled energy we have all experienced when we align with our true purpose.

So what am I asking of you?

Will you attend the Alignment Conference in Atlanta, 8 – 10 July? Will you enrol others to attend with you? The conference is part of the Design and Align process which started at the end of 2014 and is ongoing. It is important to have a wide range of people attending from all our global communities. The aim of the conference, in summary, is to align all of us in MTL around a renewed purpose and around a renewed organizational design which truly supports the work at the core of the Program.

Amongst those who will be at the Conference are Senior Trainers Ann McMaster, Anne Brown, Elaine Alpert, Peggy Jarrett, and Warren Kahn.

[Other trainers are yet to be confirmed.] Vijay Reddy, Associate Trainer, is coming from South Africa. We have registrations from students in the US, the UK, South Africa, and Australia.

The conference planning team wants to provide virtual coverage of significant parts of the conference. We are investigating the technology requirements and costs at this time. To get in on the live action, plan to be in Atlanta, 8-10 July!

In the meantime, here are some links:

Design and Align Q&A  |  Conference Registration  |  Conference Schedule

And please have a look at the Friends of More To Life Facebook page for more . . .

StebFaceBook1_circleWith love,
Steb Fisher
Enrollment Team Coordinator
Melbourne, Australia,, steb.fisher (skype)

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