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News from the Regions | June 2016

There is a strong sense of dedication and renewed energy around the world. Anne Bauer shares a prose-poem expressing her gratitude to volunteers, William Holt responds with news from Spain, Zoë-Grace Cozens writes from London, and Beth McAlpine touches in from South Africa.

By the lakeUSA: On June 2, Anne Bauer, Chair of the US Board, wrote of her gratitude for the MTL volunteers. Greetings all from Lake DuBay in Wisconsin, where I am enjoying my brother’s lakefront cabin.

While I was driving up today,
Valerie is completing the next newsletter.
Martha changed access to the old IDB to read-only.
Kathy loaded the data from the old IDB to the Salesforce IDB.
Karen is working with users of the Salesforce IDB.
Amycla is getting manuals and handouts ready for Way of a Warrior, ordering thank-you cards for our Sponsors, and coordinating a calling team for more Sponsors.
Amy is paying the bills.
Knoxville is having the final enrolling conversations and preparations for their Weekend beginning Friday.


SPAIN: In reply, William Holt, Senior Trainer from Houston, added:

WilliamHoltDear Pathmates,
Well done, all!
The Spanish team is on fire!  Here in Madrid we have had two group meetings with team members refining their edges, and many one-on-ones to give support. 
Guillermo has masterfully TS’d his 30-strong team (5 from the UK) to enroll 38 paid participants so far.
So be with us in spirit this Weekend and know that our work is delightfully alive in Spain!
Love to all, William

UNITED KINGDOM: Seeing that, Zoë-Grace Cozens (Trainer Support) chimed in:

London Training Team May 2016We have just had a stunning London training which Ann McMaster taught in a deep, dynamic, and loving way, including the team as well as participants. Felipe Gomez Ferrandiz, Trainer Candidate from Spain, was with us, observing, note-taking, and discussing. Hilde De Volder, a new Trainer Candidate from Belgium, was an ATS and also shared a meal break or two with Ann and Felipe. I was trainer support and witnessed the strong relationship between Ann and Felipe and the growing relationship with Hilde. 

I now live in France and am on the International Board. As I read all the responses to Anne’s email, I get such a strong sense of us working all around the world. I hope that I see many of you at the D&A conference in Atlanta, where we can continue the process of creating a structure which will sustain the amazing work that we offer. Much love, Zoë Grace

SOUTH AFRICA: And Beth McAlpine (Trainer Candidate) shared the South African experience

Johannesburg MTLW May 2016Earlier this year the South African community was literally roller-coasting with some significant life shocks….and BOY did we receive some enormous gifts coming out of those….. as always LIFE partners with us!
Warren [Kahn, Senior Trainer] willingly partnered with us to pay for his flights from air miles to get here with his full and overflowing heart. Energies from Durban, Cape Town and Joburg were gathered by Vijay [Reddy, Associate Trainer] as part of a Board initiative to support enrolment ….

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