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Design & Align Team Report:

Product Innovation & Development Team

Issy Crocker writes

In partnership with the Intellectual Property group, we are exploring ways of encouraging people to use the work of the Programme in their own environments in order to reach into places we otherwise would not access, whilst simultaneously looking at the best way to honour the work of Brad and Roy and return interest in the More To Life Programme through that experience. Over the long term we are exploring ways of developing our product itself within the programme, particularly at the front end and online.

Our group continues to expand: Issy Crocker (UK), Anne Trusler (SA), Vijay Reddy (SA), Nicci Statham (UK), Anne Brown (US). We are supported by Paula Williams (US) and Bill Thatcher (US).  Ulrich Bergler (NZ) has added an interesting paper encouraging us to be marketing- and research-led.

Our brief is expanding, too, as are the deliverables!

Our current focus is exploring a welcoming and celebratory way of encouraging people to innovate and get the work out in the world through their own experience, their own niche.  We have piloted several projects around the world and will be reporting back on those at the Design & Align Conference with some video content, identifying pathways for others wanting to follow suit.

At one end this might look, for example, like a student of the programme who has just come off a course using what they have learnt with their family and friends; and at another end, someone who is a Mentor or Trainer in the programme, as well as a trainer in their working life, incorporating generators into a Stress Management Course they are writing.  

This then becomes one of many ways to bring the work of More To Life to the attention of those who might otherwise not know we exist. Simultaneously, it empowers students of the programme to use what they know for the good of those they are in contact with and the world.

The essence is this: We are trusting that the way the More To Life Weekend is put together, and the depth of experience and skill of our trainers are not replicable, that that and our cut – “There is no event in our lives by which and through which Life is not calling us to our highest and most noble selves” – are unique.  When put alongside our amazing body of on-going students who are committed to their own work, to the work of those they are in contact with, and to our advanced course programme, the More To Life Programme becomes so attractive that people who hear of us and experience a taste of what is on offer through another student of the Programme will want to engage.

We recognise a need for shorter front-end offerings, some of which will need to be simple online invitations – so that people can dip a toe in the waters prior to committing large chunks of time and money.  We aim to work in partnership with the Marketing group to identify where next to focus attention as we develop our in-house programme with the Trainers.

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