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Think back to your first More To Life Weekend.

Feel the impact you felt by Sunday evening.  

Imagine this opportunity being offered to many more people.

Join members of the worldwide community in creating a sustainable future for More To Life around the world.

_38__Friends_of_MoreToLife_editOn 28 May 2016, Jesse Pollard published the following post on the closed Facebook Group “Friends of MoreToLife”. (If you are a member of this group, click here; click the same link if you would like to join.)


If you read only one thing today let it be this. If you have More To Life friends, please share this with them.

Do you remember when you first took the More To Life Weekend? Think back to how you felt on Sunday night. Think back to how it felt to let go of resentment and fully love yourself. Seriously, think back to all those aha moments you got. All those moments of connection you made. Please take a moment to really remember, to really feel the impact.

How much do those moments mean to you?

What if I told you the opportunity to create more of those moments for yourself or loved ones could go away?

Right now the international board, U.S. Board, and others are working hard to make More To Life financially stable.

Imagine if More To Life was a household name by 2022? What if people flocked to you asking to be registered for the Weekend? Imagine trainings of 50-60 people with two vibrant trainers at the front of the room. Trainings happening once or twice a month in each community.

Right now none of this is possible, but YOU can make it happen!

Here’s how:

The Design & Align Conference is coming up in Atlanta July 8th – 10th. The purpose of this Conference is to decide TOGETHER how we carry the organization forward to become a financially stable, household-name program by 2022. We want your help! We want your ideas! We want you to join us! Won’t you help us honor Brad’s and Roy’s vision by joining us to create a sustainable future for More To Life?

Help create a sustainable future for More To Life.

If you would like more information please contact me at 256-489-5433.

With Gratitude,
Jesse Pollard

International Design & Align Conference
July 8 – 10, 2016
Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway
2020 Convention Center Concourse
Atlanta GA 30337 USA

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