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Process not an event


Design and Align is a process, not an event. Many hundreds of people around the world who volunteer regularly, or give of their time and expertise in ways which fit for them, will not be at the conference in Atlanta.  Many have participated in interviews, teams, and in contributing to the continuation and regrowth of the Programme. Many will be playing on team in the future, giving  time on steering committees or on particular projects, enrolling friends and family, or just keeping in touch with friends in the More To Life community. Every person is contributing to carrying this work forward, and will thus be involved in the transformation process.

In this newsletter, you will discover ways in which you can participate in the process, before, during, and after, and the ways in which the presentations and then the ongoing steps will be shared with you. Many exciting plans have progressed, many dreams people have held for some time are poised to fly. And still, there is some work to be done to realise these dreams.    

Each one of you will carry this work forward, and so please feel free to contribute, participate in whatever way you can, or attend the feedback sessions that will be available online after the conference.

Despite some pockets of scepticism about the Design & Align process, the renewed energy and community involvement in not just maintaining but in revitalising the More To Life offering around the world is tangible. New courses are being developed, candidate trainers have been named, senior trainers are travelling the world to offer the Weekend and volunteers around the world are contributing their time on the 12 Design & Align teams.

Connections are being forged between countries, counties and states where previously people were working in isolated pockets.  This cross-fertilisation and sharing is creating  energy, multiplying ideas, producing new ways of working, and building resources.

At the Design & Align International Conference (8-10 July, Atlanta), many people who have Skyped, emailed, and worked together will meet for the first time. And during that 48 hours, new connections and new ideas will be sparked, with work continuing thereafter with renewed focus and clarity.

While it will consolidate plans and springboard new approaches, the Conference is just one part of the process that began more than a year ago and will continue to shape the near- and long-term future of More To Life.  

Design & Align Webteam | Late June 2016

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