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The Design & Align International Conference

Purpose Statement

Hands Globe AdobeStock_54598111_AtlantaSQThe purpose of the Design & Align International Conference is to come together and engage the More To Life community to present, discuss, collaborate, modify, and adopt a way forward that is:

  • clear and comprehensive
  • practical and strategic
  • accountable and sustainable
  • true to our purpose, values, and practices
  • and which revitalizes and fuels a profound, enthusiastic, & aligned willingness, wisdom, and commitment to enable More To Life to grow and flourish as an effective, respected, and recognized global presence by 2022.

Logistics/Draft Conference Flowplan

The draft Conference Flowplan has been put together by the Facilitators & Conference planning team and is designed to be enlivening, engaging, and results-oriented. Click here to link to the draft Conference Flowplan. (Timings, breaks, meals and details will be posted closer to the Conference.)

It’s not too late to register to attend the Conference in Atlanta in person.
Find out more and register online

Last-minute information will be available here.

Eye to Eye…

More than 50 participants are expected to attend from all over the world, including Senior Trainers Ann McMaster, Anne Brown, Elaine Alpert, Gerry Moline, Peggy Jarrett, and Warren Kahn.

 Please check for last-minute changes and updates in this section on the website.

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