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Post Conference Wrap-Up Audio

After the Conference, Steb Fisher gathered a few attendees for a brief Round Table while the Team cleared the space. Below you can listen to what each of them said in short soundbites. The files are displayed in order of speaking. Thank you, Steb, for putting this together, as well as the short notes. (The sound quality is not high fidelity, but the content IS!  And the sound quality improves after the first few minutes. And the Sound Clips seem to take a while to appear in this post!)

Steb FisherSteb Fisher (AUS)

Brief Info. [0:27] 
On big choices in Structure and Governance with more to come…[1:10] 

Alyson MorleyAlyson Morley(UK)

Our ability to stand in connection while we disagree on some things. [1:52]

Lindiwe NdelaLindiwe Ndela (SA)

Happy, excited and safe – Transition team to take things forward. [2:13]

Bill ThatcherBill Thatcher (USA)

Excited by the people who are stepping up and energized about being on the implementation teams. First ‘Town Hall’ meeting soon. Value of continuous deadlines, keeping up the momentum. [3:50]

Elaine Alpert (US)

Historical changes – biggest since we started the program. Value of IP changes and marketing changes. Authority handed to a professional MD balanced by appropriate checks and balances. Trainer body opened up – eyes and hearts open to each other and to the communities. New creativity – wisdom and innocence. [5:49] 
Bottom line of where we are… [1:02] 

Oskar Marchock (UK)

New to D&A process and noticed the depth of commitment in the face a great volume of information and shortage of time. Faith required. Commitment from communities… [2:59]

Vijay ReddyVijay Reddy (SA)

Freeing up of the IP. Faith and trust in Bill and the framework. Workable structure proposal. Need to work with communities.  Different feel from the past and “I am committed”. [4:45]

Carol AllanCarol Allan (NZ)

 Was resistant, but then enrolled by the work of the teams – a different conversation happening. People willing to let go of attachments and move on.  All of us in More To Life will be consulted [5:49]

Steb FisherSteb Fisher (AUS)

 Wrap up. Agreed plans in place. Transition team. Lots of space for people to help on implementation. [1:50]
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