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Agreed Changes - new wayThis list is a short recap of many of the topics agreed to in the course of our Design and Align Initiative. The alphabetical listing is only for cross-referencing purposes; it does not denote any order of priority of the decisions. There are more detailed descriptions being updated on the More To Life (MTL) website (Design & Align News) that came out of our 8-10 July event in Atlanta, Georgia. We expect to have the Atlanta work shown on the website by the time of our next MTL-wide Zoom call on 27 August (28 August for New Zealand & Australia).

  1. We are an International Organization. We are intentionally stepping back from a “Confederation of MTL Countries” and stepping into ONE organization.
  2. We will establish an International Council of Stewards with representation of MTL constituencies across the world in alignment with the Structure & Governance decisions made at the Alignment Conference held in July 2016. This Council will hold the MTL vision and ensure the Managing Director is faithfully implementing that vision through the Operations activities. The Council’s Intellectual Property Committee will make decisions for and manage the organization’s IP in a manner consistent with the MTL vision and the principles agreed to at the Conference.
  3. We have created the position of Managing Director, who is the Operations Chief Executive Officer of MTL.  The International Council of Stewards is authorized to hire the Managing Director.
  4. We approved the appointment of Bill Thatcher as Interim Managing Director as of July 15, 2016, to hold office until the position of Managing Director is filled.
  5. The Managing Director reports to the International Council of Stewards on how Operations is fulfilling the strategic vision mandate.
  6. The Managing Director is the final authority on all things associated with Operations.
  7. The Managing Director is responsible for hiring and supervising all Operations staff.
  8. We are moving from volunteers doing just about everything to having paid, professional Operations Staff handle administrative and management functions, while supporting volunteers to play central roles on course delivery teams, personal enrollment, process facilitation, etc.  
  9. In order to “reverse the flow of human and financial resources,” the Operations Staff will work with each country in determining a combined budget for our work and will coordinate all fundraising activities to ensure each country has the resources it needs for the agreed annual goals and for the retirement of any outstanding debt.
  10. Professional Operations Staff will support the development of MTL in all aspects of our work, both program delivery and market expansion.
  11. We will re-examine how to make practical our stated commitment for each volunteer receiving as much as they give and extending this concept into our relationship with donors as well.
  12. The International Board (IB) has waived Country sub-license fees for 2016 for More To Life Weekends and Focus Courses; sublicense fees for Advanced Courses remain in place. The International Council of Stewards will make decisions on all licensing instruments for 2017 after receiving recommendations from the MD, through the work of the Contracting, Licensing and Intellectual Property Team, by November 30, 2016.
  13. We will be market-driven in decisions surrounding new programs/courses as compared with being product-driven. There will also be a special focus on internet in-bound marketing strategies and e-learning capabilities.
  14. The Business Plan Team will design an annual zero-based budgeting process, and create an international budget to include projections for Aug 1-Dec 31, 2016, and the calendar year 2017. The projections will account for “business as usual” expenses and for growth based on D&A  implementation.
  15. Product Innovation: Pilots, pilots, pilots with special attention on how the MTL relationship with entrepreneurs becomes a win-win relationship of support and trust.
  16. Policies: Agreed to provide boundaries for our work that cover both behaviors in personnel matters and redress in conflicts.
  17. Trainers: Agreed to more intentionally integrate the Trainer body into the MTL organization. Also agreed that Coaches and Mentors need to have an appropriate place in a thriving constellation of program delivery options.
  18. Communication: Agreed to achieve consistency in messaging and product branding along with appropriate degrees of information-sharing.
  19. Fundraising: Agreed to look at MTL work in a global frame and ensure that we are receptive to donor stipulations. Agreed that the primary source of funds for MTL operations for the next 3-5 years will be charitable contributions from MTL students.  Agreed that the Fundraising Team will focus its efforts for the next 2-3 years on a Major Gifts campaign with the goal of raising approximately  $1 million per year by December 2019.
  20. International Transition Team: Will provide the map we need to move MTL from the old world to the new world.
  21. Selection Team for Managing Director: The Transition Team will be the Selection Team for the Managing director.  The Transition Team will announce its process for the selection of the Managing Director by October 1, 2016.

Bill Thatcher
More To Life
Interim Managing Director

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