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Design & Align Team Report:

International Transition Team

Carol Allan writes

Change is underway. The Transition Team, formed following the International Alignment Conference in Atlanta, has begun its work. The team’s responsibility is to oversee the morphing of More To Life’s current organisational and operational state to the new structure adopted at the Atlanta conference last month. The Transition Team (TT) is meeting weekly while we establish priorities and get input from the other Design & Align teams, which are continuing to update their proposals and plans to reflect input received at Atlanta. One of the first tasks is to support the establishment of the International Council of Stewards and the transition from the current International Board to the ICS.

Along with Bill Thatcher, US, Interim Managing Director of More To Life, the TT members are: 

  • Carol Allan, NZ, Chair
  • Alyson Morley, UK
  • Anne Bauer, US
  • Anne Trusler, SA
  • Felipe Gomez-Ferrandiz, Spain
  • Ian Forbes, UK
  • Ian Huddleston, NZ
  • Jeanenne Tucker, US
  • Lindiwe Ndlela, SA
  • Peggy Jarrett, US
  • Paula Williams, US
  • Steb Fisher, Australia
  • Valerie Burson, US

Members of the TT will be selecting a Design & Align team they will liaise with and report to the TT about the status of the work of those teams. Watch for more information once all liaisons have been finalized.

The Design & Align working teams are:

  • Business Model & Plan
  • Communications
  • Contracting, Licensing & IP
  • Fundraising Development
  • Marketing, Sales & PR
  • Product Development
  • Product Innovation
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Structure & Governance
  • Trainers, Mentors, Coaches, & Community Alignment

There is much to do during this stage of More To Life’s growth. If you would like to serve, please contact to find out more.

And finally, it is our intention to post news when we have it on the More To Life website. Please check back often to see the latest information:

Carol AllanMore to come!

  Carol Allan, Transition Team Chair

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