Message from the President of the International Board: Bill Thatcher is our Interim Managing Director

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Message from the President of the International Board

Paula WilliamsGreetings, More To Life students!

I am still basking in the afterglow of the International Alignment Conference held in Atlanta on July 8-10. I send a warm Thank You! to the nearly 70 people who were in attendance in Atlanta, and the almost 40 others who participated via Zoom live streaming.

There was so much to be done at the conference that we could have used several additional days, so I salute Edward Groody, our facilitator, who made room for presentations by all of the Design & Align Teams, for small-group work to make changes to the Teams’ proposals and action plans, for voting by all participants on the changes, and for discussion by the Conference Planning Team on the recommended changes. On Sunday, he created space for questions and answers, clarification and discernment, and finally alignment around our vision and the concrete steps we will take to achieve it. Thank you for your masterful work, Edward.

The clear difference in what we are doing now versus what has happened in the past is that Bill Thatcher took office as our Interim Managing Director as of July 15, 2016. Bill has already begun Phase III of the Design & Align Initiative: supporting the Teams to complete the work they have started, setting priorities, and making connections with More To Life students and staff all over the world via one-on-one meetings and future monthly Community Engagement meetings via Zoom.

The following Question and Answer session I had with Bill after the conference will give you some insight into him and what he’s bringing to the More To Life organization. Please join me in welcoming Bill!

With love from an open heart,

Paula Williams
Kairos More To Life Foundation

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