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Anne Brown

Anne Brown, USA

“I felt encouraged by the Atlanta experience. There was so much enthusiasm, which seemed grounded in solid and sensible ideas. As the Intellectual Property holder and a member of the IP team and the Product Innovation and Development Team, I reported that my teams and I are wanting to open up the front end of the program. We are looking at ways to do that, through being less restrictive about the IP so students can use it with friends and family, in business, and in courses they design.   

“The conference was also very joyful and special for me, because I got to see people I haven’t seen for a long time and to meet new people. Because I’m no longer training and don’t live where there’s a community, I often feel isolated from the larger MTL community.

“I hope that many of you will join us for the future Community Engagement online meetings. You will be able to ask questions and present any ideas you may have.

“With love, honor, and respect, Anne Brown”

Helen McFarlane

Helen McFarlane, UK         

“The conference in Atlanta was challenging, connecting, inspiring, and clarifying. I returned home with a myriad of Lifeshocks to work with and I am IN for the next steps.”

Crystal Kiss

Crystal Kiss, USA         

“After experiencing the for-ness and willingness of all the participants from the Alignment Conference, I feel re-motivated and a surge of connection and collaboration. We are one, we are willing, and we are heard. Change is coming, and it’s an exciting time to be involved with More To Life!”

Zoë Grace Cozens

Zoe Grace Cozens, France        

“Having a group of trainers present and being so behind the changes was of great value to me. Ann McMaster, Peggy Jarrett, Elaine Alpert, Warren Kahn, Felipe Gomez-Ferrandiz, Gerry Moline, Vijay Reddy, Anne Brown, plus a group of trainer candidates, all rooting for change. They brought an authenticity and a quiet wisdom which gave me reassurance after last year’s dramatic changes.

“… I came away convinced that the way forward was not only going to be radical but consolidating the qualities of the work that we all hold dear, so that we have an organisation that is more effective, stable, accountable, nurturing, and forward-looking.”

Issy Crocker

Issy Crocker, UK         

“I love it that out of this conference we are now back to seeing ourselves as the international organisation we always used to be. Together we will be stronger; we will not need to replicate so much; we will be able to build on each other’s ideas – and together we can use the internet to get this work out farther than simply by word of mouth.”

Steb Fisher

Steb Fisher, Australia            

“My first and lasting impression is how the group was able to sit with both willingness and yet great uncertainty about so much. We made many important choices, but still there is much that we do not know. I am not sure who said it, but we sit ‘in the sacred space of the don’t know.’ “

Anne Bauer

Anne Bauer, USA               

“What are my take-aways from Atlanta? Lots of work in preparation, lots of work to come. Clear intent to find ways to reach more people with this work. A new way of handling Intellectual Property that I think will open the front end. Clear intent to find ways to make it easier on each of us as we volunteer our time and talents. International connections – deep and wide. Conversations and hugs to hold me til the next time.”

Oskar Marchock

Oskar Marchock, UK   

“I was inspired by the level of commitment to change that was tangible in the room. This was evident in the amount of work already produced for the conference and also the level of honesty and willingness to listen and engage with difficult topics at the conference itself.”

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie, USA    

“I have never been more optimistic about these practices being spread throughout the world. Many have said they want to impact the world with More To Life practices. We now have an exciting new framework with which to do so… look out, world, here we come.”


Jeanenne Tucker, USA          

“I haven’t felt this energized, excited, and hopeful since my MTLW in 1997!  The momentum is palpable.”

More Coming Soon… submit your comments to kay.bastin@nullmoretolife.org

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  1. Angela Mitchell (NZ) 17 Aug 2016 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    Beautilful work and words everyone. I have faith in yous and the future of MTL

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