Bill Thatcher recommends 3 books on his current Reading List

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Bill's Oct Reading List

Bill ThatcherPost by:
Bill Thatcher, Interim Managing Director of More To Life International

In an email to the Transition Team members in September 2016, Bill wrote:

  1. The Practice of Adaptive Leadership (Ronnie Heifetz) My friend and colleague Ronnie Heifetz wrote this book along with Alex Grashow and Marty Linsky. Here is where you will find all of the information on what “Technical Problems” and “Adaptive Challenges” mean.
  2. Immunity to Change (Bob Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey) I met both Bob and Lisa at a week-long seminar at Harvard. THIS is the book that describes a process to take either an individual OR an organization through a process to get “underneath” their identified values to their actual ones. Quite a challenging and informing process. I have used this in my work with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Corrections in NYC. These authors take Heifetz’ tenets even further.
  3. Holacracy (Brian Robertson) This is the current book I am reading. I think it takes that whole Starfish and Spider book to a different level. I think it is a deeper one but that is just my perception. I have not finished reading it yet but it seems to offer us within MTL some exciting – if not also daunting – challenges. It is not as prescriptive as book number 2 in my list, but it also takes the idea of getting the “right” people “on the bus” of the book Good To Great to an experiential  level.

We are on an exciting journey at a time of unparalleled challenge for More To Life AND our world. The Foreword to the Holacracy book (my spellchecker does not even recognize that word!) says, “To change the operating system of an organization is a daunting endeavor.” That’s from David Allen, author of the book Getting Things Done.

We are definitely changing the More To Life operating system, aren’t we?! I want us to get this right in a way that carries us forward for the next generation. It will take risk, it will take boldness, and above all it will take humility. We know there is so much we “don’t know” about the future. I want us to find a way forward that makes that belief a comfort and not a fear.

We seek a way to be together that embraces the wisdom and strength each one of us brings to our mission. If you can only read one of the books above, please read Holacracy because I think that offers us a new way forward. But it will not be a easy read, in my estimation.

We have so much excitement before us. Can we find a way to bring in others?!

With Deep Respect,

PS: I am considering doing a book study session on one or more of these three books… anyone interested, please let me know!  [Email me with this link]


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