Creating the International Council of Stewards

By Steb Fisher (D&A Comms Team, among others)

The new structure is taking shape. The Operations “spoke”, led by Interim Managing Director (MD) Bill Thatcher is hiring. The International Council of Stewards (ICS) hub is currently being created.

In addition to the fixed posts of President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the MD (ex officio), the ICS will have two representatives each from the US, UK, RSA, and New Zealand, and one representative each from the emerging communities of Europe and Australia. It will have four representatives from the Training Forum. Country representatives will be named by 30 November 2016*, and the ICS will “go live” on 1 January 2017*.

Each entity is developing its own procedure for selection of representatives. Some of the criteria for being considered a representative include:

  • Commitment to the vision of More To Life including purposes, values, and practices
  • Commitment to both the strategy and the Design & Align process
  • Being a Kairos More To Life Foundation Sponsor

A Steward’s term will be three years initially, with the possibility of one further three-year term.

Some positions have already been filled*, providing continuity from existing International Board members. These positions include:

  • President: Paula Williams
  • Treasurer: Jeanenne Tucker
  • Trainer Forum/Senior Trainer position: Peggy Jarrett
  • Trainer Forum/Mentor position: Zoe Grace Cozens

(Anne Brown will transition to the ICS Intellectual Property Standing Committee)

The ICS will, amongst other things: hold the context for More To Life; hold the vision (Purpose, Values, and Practices); be responsible for managing the Intellectual Property; have organizational, strategic, operational, and financial oversight; and hold space for communities to be in partnership.

It is the hub and a “heartquarters” for MTL.

* provisional; subject to change

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