Recent Appointments to More To Life International – Oct 2016

pinningslarry_headshot1_circlecropDr. Larry Pinnings | Administration Consultant | Seattle, WA, US
Currently interviewing Country Board Chairs about current country structures to map out existing structures so we can make decisions going forward about additional structures we need, starting in 2017. Larry’s contract may be extended into 2017, depending on the decision made concerning the permanent Managing Director.

Amycla WebbAmycla Webb | Administrative Coordinator US & IB | Decatur, GA, US
Takes on the administrative tasks previously performed by Martha Edgemon, for the US and the International Board (IB), as well as Transition Team and other duties. Amycla is the point person for all questions about More To Life. Email:

Peter LuriePeter Lurie | Interim Director of Communications | London, UK
Current portfolio covers several areas including: facilitating internal communications; producing internal “stakeholder” updates and mailers; coordinating and producing international communications to the student body; website maintenance and development; and technology training, including Google Apps, Zoom, and other channels. All parts of More To Life are encouraged to partner proactively with Peter to coordinate and create communications as needed, as well as requesting trainings & tech support. Email: