Transition Team Report & Update – Oct 2016

Reporting by Valerie Burson – Communications Liaison with the Transition Team

Work is continuing on the reorganization of More To Life, started in the Design & Align Initiative.

Here’s what the International Transition Team has been recently working on:

  • Defining what the countries are responsible for and what the organization– the International Council of Stewards and Operations– are responsible for.
  • Working with country boards to get representatives named to the new International Council of Stewards.
  • Communication has been sent to country boards encouraging them to select representatives for the ICS.  Country boards will name their representatives by the 30th November.  The Trainer Forum will name its representatives to the ICS as well.
  • Hiring a Managing Director and setting framework for filling other Operational roles.
  • Publishing job descriptions, interviewing guidelines, and selection criteria for some paid roles.
  • Accepting applications until 31 Oct. for the Managing Director position.
    • Submitted online advertisement last week (, posted the position on the website, and sent out information last week seeking candidates for the position of Managing Director.
    • Planning to screen and interview in order to have the position filled by 15 Dec.

In addition to the International Transition Team there are separate committees working on aspects of the transition:

Structure and Governance Team:

  • Working on the details about the corporate papers and bylaws changes that will be needed to make organizational changes.
  • Scoping the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the ICS and Stewards.

Marketing Team:

  • Working on hiring a Consultant to advise us about inbound marketing.  Once we get inbound marketing in place, then hire a Marketing Director.

 Comms Team:

  • Creating a Resource Bank – that is, a repository of documents that can be helpful for sourcing a course, newsletters, flyers, etc.
  • Working on a set of guidelines/how-to’s about communications.
  • Working on newsletters about Design & Align and other More To Life news.

 Fundraising Team:

  • Has created a campaign called Legacy 2022 to raise $2 million by July 1, 2018 to fund More To Life Operations, including salaries for the Managing Director and other paid positions contemplated by the reorganization.
  • Prepared and printed a brochure in support of the fundraising effort.
  • Is having conversations with people about fundraising and putting in plans in place for a successful campaign. All of the people we have talked with are responding positively. A significant amount has already been pledged and received for the remainder of this year and early 2017.
  • Has created a position description and will be seeking a Development Assistant.

Questions & Contact?

If you  have questions about any of this or want more details, we suggest you join the Community Engagement call on 19 Nov. (Register here).  If you are unable to take part, or want information sooner, contact Amycla Webb at  who will be able to find out answers or direct you to the correct resource.

If you want to play a part in the exciting changes taking place, contact your local Country Board Chair [US: Anne Bauer | UK/EU: Issy Crocker | SA: Lindiwe Ndlela | NZ: Ian Huddleston ] who will be able to suggest how you may be able to contribute, or Amycla Webb at the address above.