International Transition Team report Nov/Dec 2016

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By Valerie Burson (D&A International Transition Team)

International Transition Team report Nov/Dec 2016

International Transition Team continues to meet weekly to shepherd the transitions needed. The members of this team gratefully acknowledge the significant amount of work of the various Design & Align (D&A) teams. This team’s focus since November has been on:

  • Reviewing, evaluating, and interviewing candidates for the Managing Director (MD) position. Interim MD Bill Thatcher has now been appointed to the permanent position, following a robust selection process from a number of strong candidates
  • Determining a framework for Country Program Directors and country forums and how they play a role with the MD and the International Council of Stewards (ICS)
  • Discussing which functions will be handled and where for the year 2017 as processes and procedures are developed and put in place for the organization   
  • Agreeing to the following operational decisions made for 2017, including:
  • Training revenues and sponsorships to stay in respective countries
  • Legacy 2022 fundraiser contributions to go to the International Operations Hub, led by the MD 
  • Considerations for the Operations Hub spending include (but are not limited to):
    • Subsidizing Country Program Directors’ salaries
    • Providing marketing assistance, especially internet-related marketing and the redesign of materials where necessary
    • Overseeing the updating of course manuals and team materials
    • Providing student scholarships
    • Providing funds for Trainer Candidate costs
    • Overseeing and coordinating all website development, maintenance, and technology implementation
  • Creating a consolidated budget that identifies the location of international Trainer costs and travel expenses, to be subsidized from the Operations Hub

Summaries from Other Teams’ Work

Contracting, Licensing & IP – Country boards have been informed that there will be no license fees for 2017 according to the current legal documents.

CommunicationsPeter Lurie (Interim Communications Director for More To Life) and Steb Fisher of the Communications Team are creating 2 Facebook closed groups for personal and business-related messages to other More To Life students.

This team wants to enroll more people. Communications is seen as the heart and lifeblood of the organization. Activities include:

    • creation of a resource bank to house and store MTL documents
    • creation of guidelines for MTL communication
    • publishing regular news about MTL and the D&A process
    • handling the integration and cleanup of email lists and consolidation within one email program (MailChimp)

Business Model & Business Plan Team has divided up the various components of a business plan and each is being led by a volunteer. As appropriate for a business plan, it will be implemented by the Operations Team. As MD, Bill Thatcher, has been working with the Business Model & Plan Team to flesh out some of the details.

Fundraising Team has hired a consultant to support the Fundraising Team’s efforts.

Policies & Procedures Team is focusing on developing guidelines for process definition, and policy and procedure writing in the following key areas: hiring and employment, refunds, and safeguarding vulnerable adults.

Product Innovation Team is reviewing courses which have been offered, such as The Procrastinators Guide to Action in the southeast US and Confident Entrepreneur (SEE for Entrepreneurs) in South Africa, and is setting in place a periodic review of the metrics from such courses.  

All teams continue to welcome committed More To Life students who want to play a role. Please contact Amycla Webb and specify your particular interest, and she’ll put you in touch with a team lead.