Announcing Three Country Program Directors

3 Country Directors, 1 CMO, 2 Trainers

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March 2017 Update | Latest Appointments

Announcing Three Country Program Directors

I am excited to announce the hiring of Country Program Directors for South Africa (SA), the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US). These positions will be part-time during 2017 as we begin some much-needed restructuring of administrative activity all across the MTL world. Our goal is to ensure we have in place a robust system of operation that seeks to serve our many students as they continue their strategic, voluntary role of being on team for our courses. I am working with the New Zealand MTL leadership in reviewing the best structure and considering the possible candidates for their country. (Bill Thatcher, MD, More To Life)


Lindiwe Ndlela

At the recommendation of a good friend for about a year, Lindiwe took her More To Life Weekend in August 2009 with Ann McMaster. Since then she has served on team for various trainings as team member and captain, and also served as Training Supervisor for Making Money Count in 2011 and the June 2014 Weekend in Joburg. Lindiwe joined the Joburg leadership team by serving on its Steering Committee between 2011 and 2014, when she joined the National Board and became its Chair.

She has participated in both Design & Align conferences in Atlanta, has served on the Structures and Governance team, and is currently on the Transition Team. In addition to the Weekend, Lindiwe has taken Mastery (2011), All the World’s a Stage (2013), and Way of a Warrior (2014).  She began her role as South Africa Program Director on 3 January 2017.


Gerry Moline

Gerry Moline is a Senior Trainer and has been involved with the MTL Programme since 1996. She has held numerous leadership roles on local, national, and international levels of the Programme, including many roles in support of MTL communities in the US and UK. Gerry began serving on the Steering Committee in Knoxville, Tennessee within months of completing her MTL Weekend and continued in that role throughout her years in Knoxville and for the first several years after moving to London. She has been a long-time Mentor and Mastery Teacher, and a MTL Trainer since 2000, leading trainings in the US, UK, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Gerry became a Kairos Foundation Sponsor on the Sunday night of her MTL Weekend – her first act in service of the MTL Programme, as she describes it – and has continued that sponsorship ever since, a testament to her commitment to sustaining the MTL Programme and its vision for the world. She brings all of this and a depth of experience in working in the field of organisational change to the role of Interim Programme Director for the UK. She will begin her new role on 1 April 2017.


Anne Bauer

Anne Bauer has been a student and team member since 2001. She served locally in Huntsville, Alabama and was a member of the US Board of Directors from charter, completing as Board Chair.  Her leadership as TS for the 2009 International Leadership Conference and as organizer of all four 2009 national Leadership Conferences gave her a world-wide view of our organization.

Professionally, Anne worked 27 years as a systems engineer and project manager.  This experience – defining how people work together and how to get a project from idea to completion to celebration –  is perfect for her role as the Interim Program Director for the US.  She began her new role on January 3, 2017.

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