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Text: Steb Fisher.

Something very special happened last Sunday, 9th April 2017. It was before dawn in Australia and New Zealand, midday in Seattle, late night in South Africa. We met on Zoom, and the International Board of The Kairos/More To Life Foundation disbanded and handed over its authority to the new International Council of Stewards of The Kairos/More To Life Foundation. We said a fond and deeply grateful farewell to Ian Forbes and Anne Brown for their roles on the IBoard, with beautiful words from several and especially Sophie. And then we took the first step . . .

More To Life is a nonprofit organization constituted in the USA with a tax exemption and can act internationally in this form. The International Council of Stewards fulfills the legal functions of a board of directors. And we are so much more than that. We hold the context for More To Life. We hold our Purpose, what we are here in the world to do. We hold what Brad and Roy created, and hold ourselves to the inspiring bar that they set. We are stewards of the quality of the work, our “great treasure”, as Bill describes it. We are not operational in function, but we do oversee and help craft strategy. And we have a commitment to model the work – our Purpose, our Practices, and our Values.

We have representation from all over the world:

Our Officers

  • President: Paula Williams (United States)
  • Treasurer: Jeanenne Tucker (United States)
  • Secretary: Hilde de Volder (Belgium)

Our Representatives

  • Carol Allan (New Zealand)
  • Kay Bastin (United Kingdom)
  • Ulrich Bergler (New Zealand)
  • Valerie Burson (United States)
  • Zoe Grace Cozens (Training Forum, France)
  • Colin Darch (South Africa)
  • Steb Fisher (Emerging Countries, Australia)
  • Peggy Jarrett (Training Forum, United States)
  • Diana Makens (United States)
  • Beth McAlpine (Training Forum, South Africa)
  • Vijay Reddy (South Africa)
  • Sophie Sabbage (Training Forum, United Kingdom)
  • Gustave Senyoni (Emerging Countries, Europe)
  • Vacancy (United Kingdom)

Ex Officio

  • Bill Thatcher, Managing Director

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One of our first actions will be to take the excellent documents drafted by Ian Forbes, Paula Williams, and Alyson Morley – which define what we are about – and make them our own. We will start with our overarching purpose and then shape roles, agreements, and by-laws from this raw clay to fit who we are.

Bill asked us how we wanted to be informed, and already there is a rich discussion of what he will be reporting to us about operational matters. Bill also creatively “interviewed” himself for his first report, asking himself five questions. He told us:

  • What surprised him after he joined More To Life: that he has received a warm welcome wherever he has gone, with people being supportive and wanting him to succeed for all of us.
  • He told us what excites him: that we have a “great treasure” in our work and that this inspires and makes it easy to be purposeful in creating a great organization to deliver it.
  • He told us of a challenge: how to move from a confederation of countries to a single organization and ensure that we connect and coordinate in our decision-making.
  • He told us something he looks forward to: reconnecting with those who have left the Program and enrolling them back into our purpose.
  • And he asked himself what to say to the International Council of Stewards as we embark on this journey: that we are Stewards of this great treasure, that he wants our counsel and our wisdom, and that he in turn will support us.

It was a meeting which had the feel of the training room. We started with two minutes of beholding each other in silence. We finished with excitement and enthusiasm for the next meeting in June. In between, there were tears, laughter, purposeful and wise discussion, and respect.

Much love to all of you from all of us.

More to come . . .

Your International Council of Stewards

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  1. Susan Pastika 14 Apr 2017 at 11:23 pm - Reply

    Sounds like beautiful work. Congratulations, and thank you, all.

  2. Anne Trusler 15 Apr 2017 at 4:11 am - Reply

    Another milestone achieved in our journey. Proud to be part of the transform process and feeling a lot of gratitude for members across the world who have stepped up to lead the organisation in these challenging times in the world. These are the type of level 5 leaders humanity needs right now.

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