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Copper dipped feathers created by a New Zealand based artist, sourced by Clare Vivian-Neal and gifted by Diana Makens for all Senior Trainers.

Hear Feedback and Ask Questions about the Recent Trainer Conference! 

The reports and comments from the Trainer Conference are close to being circulated. The news from several sources, including Facebook Friends of More To Life (an international closed group for More To Life students) and word of mouth, express excitement, hope, and inspiration.

Expect the official report in the next few days, including contributions from Senior Trainers Sophie Sabbage and David Templer, and Managing Director Bill Thatcher.

Join us on June 3rd (June 4th for Australia & New Zealand) for our Community Engagement call featuring News and Feedback after the first Trainer Conference in several years, held in May in Atlanta, USA. The Zoom video call will be hosted by Bill Thatcher, and we are looking forward to several Senior, Associate, and Candidate Trainers joining the call. 

We welcome hearing your voice and questions, seeing old and new friends, and strengthening our connections.

Next Online Meeting: Sat 03 (Sun 04 June 2017 in NZ & Australia)

The meeting times below have been chosen to accommodate the greatest number of people around the world.


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