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REVISION | 07 Aug 2017 | Status Update

On 15 July 2017, the international Community Engagement call invited feedback and questions regarding the first view of the Champions Policy and Licence proposal documents.

The two documents were posted online on 22 June 2017, and shared with our core leadership in a mailer on 23 June. Feedback/comment on the contents of these two documents were invited to be submitted in advance of the Community Engagement call on 15 July (to

Everyone who attended or registered for the call was later sent a link to the video of the 2 hour video call.  There were many questions, both pre-submitted and delivered in person. This call essentially was the first in the consultation process which More To Life has undertaken to assess the proposal, and address the many items that were submitted before, during and after the call.

As of 07 Aug 2017, the Champions Agreement proposal is currently being assessed and evaluated, and is “on hold”. We are very grateful for all the comments and feedback, and for the energy that this initiative has generated. Implementation, checks and balances and any rollout are being considered. (The two documents mentioned above have been relabeled “Draft”.)

As soon as this process is complete, the wider More To Life Community will be brought up to date. We do not at present have a timeline.

Peter Lurie | Interim Director of Communications

Champions Introduction

Downloads Folder for current versions:

1) Champions Introduction
2) Champions Policy (current)
3) Champions License (current)
4) Status Update Text (7 Aug 2017)

22 June 2017

Dear Fellow Students of More To Life,

Introducing the More To Life Champions Policy and License.

An exciting development is coming out of the Design & Align Initiative, based on a long-time vision held by a number of people in the More To Life Program. We have put in place a plan to open up the front end of the program. In doing so, we are responding both to that vision and to our current reality. The truth is that a number of students are wanting permission to use some of the processes in their own businesses or volunteer work. Some are simply doing so, without permission. The reality also is that relying solely on personal enrollment by those who’ve taken the MTL Weekend and Mentor courses is no longer working. We need other avenues to enrollment.

Becoming Champions of MTL

Our response to that reality, through processing recurring Lifeshocks, has been to envision and create a new policy. We are inviting students of MTL to become Champions of MTL, to take the processes into their businesses, their volunteer work in churches, synagogues, or mosques, or wherever Life calls them. We have set up what we hope will be a win-win situation. MTL Champions would not only have permission to use the processes, but would be able, among other things, to make use of the MTL website to link to their own sites and to have money-off vouchers for MTL courses. In return, MTL is hoping that Champions will enroll course participants in the MTL Weekend and make a voluntary donation to the Program. The only real requirements are that copyright notices be placed on the processes and that attribution be made to Brad and Roy. We also ask that Champions agree to a Code of Conduct, which is basically to follow the values of the Program.


Over the past couple of years, we have tested it with some pilots. One of our US Senior Trainers, Elaine Alpert, has created a course for survivors of suicide. She is using one of our processes. One of our US Mentors and Trainer Candidates, Melodie Brier, has created a half-day workshop called A Procrastinator’s Guide to Action. In it she teaches the Purpose Generator. A MTL student in South Africa, Anne Trusler, has created a program for working with indigent black African mine workers in a squatters’ camp. In one of the sessions, she taught Baseball. At the next session, some of the workers came back and told her excitedly that they had gone home and taught Baseball to their families. David Berman Howarth, a UK student, is using some of the processes in teaching employees in his business. He is now officially a Champion, having been the first to sign the Champions Agreements.

Champions Policy & License

Since our DAI Conference in July 2016, both the Product Innovation and the Intellectual Property teams have been working on creating a Champions Policy, which will express our win-win ideas. Anne Brown, the owner of the IP, has worked with her attorney to create a user-friendly License, which will protect the rights both of the user and the IP holder. Both those instruments are now ready. If you are interested in becoming a Champion, might be interested, or are simply curious, please let us know.

Read Champions Policy and Champions License, or download both documents as a .zip file.

The team

We acknowledge ourselves and our team members. We have all put hours of time and hard work into grappling with ideas, doubts, and the nitty-gritty needed to create these documents and to follow the vision. Issy Crocker, who headed up the Product Innovation team, has for many years held this vision. Her team are Anne Trusler, Vijay Reddy, Anne Brown, and Nikki Statham. The Intellectual Property team was originally led by Anne Kania. It’s now led by Paula Williams and has on it Anne Brown, Issy Crocker, Anne Trusler, and Jeanenne Tucker. Since becoming Managing Director, Bill Thatcher has attended meetings of both teams, adding his wisdom and context expertise.

Transformation of the world

In closing, we return to the vision that underlies all of this, the vision expressed often by Brad and Roy in the early days of the Program. We are about transformation – not just individual transformation, but transformation of the world. Through use of our processes and adoption of our ideas, we are able to let go of negativity and to create connection. We come to embrace our humanity, listen to and learn from our Lifeshocks, and live in gratitude with all that is. How could we not want to open up the front end of the Program if it means that more and more of us can have that, live that, create a tipping point, and through it transform the world!

Send your feedback by 7 July 2017, in advance of the next Community Engagement Call on 15/16 July 2017

Once you have a chance to look at these documents, we ask you to send us your feedback. At the next Community Engagement Zoom call on 15/16 Jul (2017) we will be talking about the documents and your feedback. Please provide us with your perspective by 7 July so we can factor that into our July call. The documents are our first step into this exciting new space for all of us. We will take all the feedback and revisit this document in about six months. For now, this is where we are going and we are excited!

Send feedback to:

To apply for and ask questions about Champions

Until the new website has been launched, please address all applications and questions to:

Amycla Webb, Administrative Coordinator | Email:

With love, honor, and respect,

Anne Brown, Issy Crocker, and Bill Thatcher

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