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What I’m Seeing – a Summary
Bill Thatcher
Managing Director
More To Life

What I’m Seeing – a Summary

A Message from More To Life Managing Director Bill Thatcher
September 2017

We are building the foundation for our future growth and, as with an actual building project, there is usually not a lot of visibility with digging and pouring the foundation.  We also have the on-going course delivery work in each country, analogous to “flying the plane while it is being built.” All of this was against a background of almost non-existent financial resources. So, we added the goal of raising $1,500,000 over a 28-month stretch. We’ve raised more than $725,000 in less than a year. Pretty amazing!

About a year ago when I wrote about this time of transition I spoke about how this can feel like one is letting go of one trapeze bar to reach for another. Though we know what we are reaching for, we may experience the open space in between as uncertain, out of our control, and we get into fears and core beliefs. We are an organization that has at its heart powerful personal tools to help us through this time of change.

More To Life has made significant progress over the past year; including eleven key realignment initiatives are shown below. We have a ways to go. We invite you to work alongside. If you want to be a part of any of these areas, please contact me at

Progress on Realignment Initiatives

Become one international organization again:
After operating as a “confederation of MTL countries.” We mapped the existing organization framework, including finances, staff, and program activity; proposed possible “new world” structures and the steps to get there.

International Council of Stewards (ICS):
The ICS held its first meeting in 9/10 April 2017.  For the first time, we have a representation across the world to hold the MTL vision and ensure the Managing Director is faithfully implementing that vision.

Managing Director:
The position of Managing Director was filled in December 2016, in an open and transparent, competitive process.

Professional Operations Staff:
Staff underpins both program delivery and market expansion. Roles filled (all are part-time) are: Interim Program Directors USA, UK, and RSA; Communications Director; Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Finance Officer. NZ uses its existing structure for Program Director duties.

Website & Marketing Development:
Our new website (tba 2018) will be a much more effective vehicle to market our programs to the public, as well as a better way to keep students within the program connected.  In 2017, we created the new website “house” and have online content for inbound marketing in 2018.

Trainer Body:
The Trainer Body held its first conference since the abrupt departure of five trainers. The Conference was very successful. Conference content became the framework for a new course, Releasing the Past.  About grieving and letting go of past hurts, it will be offered free to all students.

Pilot Programs:
Pilots of the Launchpad and Procrastinator’s Guide are underway.  This fall, the Champions Agreement will move into pilot phase.  The Champions Agreement process was instructive – in what was missing. With Alyson Morley, we are improving the rollout process.

Systems Redesign:
In 2016 we moved the International Database from an expiring platform to Salesforce. Our new website includes a portal to allow each student to access their records, including course history. In 2018, suggested individual course journeys will be available via the website.
The second system redesign relates to Holacracy, an organizational operating system.

Fundraising & Donor Relationship-building:
In my eleven months, I have taken four trips: Houston, the UK, Northeastern US, and Bozeman. One of our challenges is to reinvigorate MTL Sponsorship across all countries. The Fundraising Team is willing, enthusiastic, and fully engaged. We are in the early stages of a fundraising campaign called Legacy 2022 – A Stand for Love in the World, due to become public in the next few months.

International Transition Team:
Indispensable in coordinating Design & Align Teams’ work.

Business Plan & Financial Business Model:
With Rhonda Schlatter, we will complete business planning, focused first on:

  1. Comprehensive Funding Model
  2. Infrastructure / Expenses
  3. Fiscal Management, Collaboration, and Comprehensive Overview
  4. Capital Structure
  5. Marketing Plan Update
  6. Clear Staff Roles and Responsibilities
  7. Performance Measures & Risk Assessments

Note: This is a summary of a larger, detailed document. See full text here.

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