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Remembering Sue Oldham
Legendary More To Life Senior Trainer

Some of you knew Sue Oldham well; some of you are only now hearing her name.
Whether you took the More To Life Weekend in the early ’80s or just last week,
that course was available partly because of this remarkable Senior Trainer.

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, Sue Oldham, a legendary Senior Trainer within the More To Life Program, passed away at the age of 80.

We use the word “legendary” because it seems that almost every student of the Program who has been around more than 10 years has a story – or multiple stories! – about how Sue impacted his or her life. Sue was unassuming and resolute; bold and kind; astute and humble. She was all that and so much more. And while she was a legend to so many of us, she would have never described herself in that way.

In her 20s, Sue married Don Oldham and they had a son, Rob, and twin daughters, Beth and Lynn. The following description of Sue’s early life is from Lynn. It paints a picture of just how indefatigable and talented Sue was.

Sue was a woman who never did anything at less than 110%. As a young synchronized swimmer, she swam on The Ed Sullivan Show, won multiple national championships, traveled the world, and made lifelong friendships.

She took two 3-year-olds and a 5-year-old on a back-country horseback trip. Three years later, she decided they could easily hike halfway down the Grand Canyon, have lunch, and then come back up again. When one of her daughters spent a summer working in Germany, Sue bought a car to travel around and then had it shipped back to the U.S. She loved sailing, so she took sailing classes and got a license so she could rent boats and go out on San Francisco Bay.

In her 40s, Sue left her counselor position in the public schools where she was well loved and financially secure to join a nascent organization called the Kairos Foundation (now called More To Life), basically with no job security. She loved it and thrived. 

Indeed, More To Life benefited greatly from Sue’s expertise and determination for 30+ years. She was the first female Senior Trainer to be named, and she inspired many others to follow in her footsteps. In the early days, she served on the Executive Team with Brad Brown, Roy Whitten, and David Templer. Later, Sue served as Chief Operating Officer, making many Center support calls over the years, encouraging students all over the world to hold the context of impeccability, mutual support, financial responsibility, and heartfelt enrollment into our courses. Sue was also known for championing the Mentor program.

Sue loved us and loved the work of our Program. Her legacy lives on in thousands around the world. She will be sorely missed.

Ann McMaster, Senior Trainer     Peggy Jarrett, Senior Trainer


A memorial service for Sue Oldham will be held on Saturday, May 26 at Holy Innocents Episcopal Church in Corte Madera, California, USA. The time of the service is not yet known.

The family has requested that donations be made in Sue’s name to the University of California / Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center (

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