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Becoming One Organization
Leaders’ Retreat Atlanta 2018

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Bill Thatcher
Managing Director
More To Life

Carol Allan

Sophie Sabbage
Senior Trainer

Becoming One Organization
Leaders’ Retreat Atlanta 2018 First Report

It is with purpose, hope, and gratitude that members of the International Council of Stewards (ICS), Senior Trainers, and the Operations Team, led by our Managing Director, Bill Thatcher, gathered in Atlanta in late March to come together as a unified organization and to clarify roles and responsibilities. We are in the process of creating a comprehensive report for you about the results of the retreat led by Senior Trainer Sophie Sabbage.

MTL Leadership Retreat Atlanta 2018
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Meanwhile, we are sharing this important outcome from our work together, which summarizes our guiding purpose at this time and three key principles we are committed to upholding. The move to “one organization” was central to our work together. We needed to look at what this really means, what challenges it presents and what opportunities it offers. Details will follow, but for now:


We, the ICS, Ops Team, and Trainerbody, partner to embody ‘we are one organisation’ in order to carry out our mission sustainably.

Principles and Commitments

We resolve to listen and respond

We resolve to work through conflicts whenever they occur

We resolve to get on with it

International Council of Stewards (ICS)
International Council of Stewards (ICS)
Senior Trainers
Senior Trainers
Operations Team

Other News

Carol Allan & Paula Williams

Carol Allan (L) has taken over from Paula Williams (R) as Chair of the ICS. After nearly four years leading the MTL International Board, Paula led the ICS throughout 2017 to smooth the transition from the International Board to the ICS. Paula has been influential in guiding the changes that are now becoming evident, and we are grateful for her continued commitment to supporting More To Life in a number of ways.

Yemma Barsanti | Gerry Moline | Andrea Constantine | Anne Bauer | Cindi Cameron

Further, new Country Program Directors are now carrying the torch in their countries:

  • Yemma Barsanti has been named as the Country Program Director for New Zealand.

  • We are grateful for the service by the initial Interim UK Program Director, Gerry Moline, who has completed her term, and we welcome Andrea Constantine as she takes up that role.

  • With our gratitude to Anne Bauer for her work as the original Interim US Program Director, we welcome Cindi Cameron who began that work at the end of the Leaders’ Retreat in that new role.

More to come…

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