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Our shared goal of bringing More To Life to a larger global audience is taking a leap forward with the imminent rollout of new marketing material which will be more enrolling to new students and more accessible to existing students.    

This newsletter is to introduce you to one aspect of this project:  the logo. It also outlines the next steps of the rollout, and will be followed shortly by a newsletter regarding the website launch.    

Our entire communications approach has been updated in response  to radical changes in both the training and coaching fields and in marketing and communication methodologies since More To Life was launched some forty years ago. Our intention is to be more visible, inclusive, and transparent.

The brand relaunch has been led by Shea Collins, Chief Marketing Officer for MTL, and her skilled staff, in collaboration with trainers and leadership. It responds to issues raised in Design & Align interviews with 150 community members around the world highlighting the challenges experienced by pockets of volunteers with limited resources, and their insights and ideas for bringing the work to more people.  

In Shea’s words:  

Our intention was not necessarily to design a new logo, but to create a strong visual cue with which the public can identify our organisation. A company is more than just its logo – it is the overall experience of the brand, which a  logo is just one, albeit highly visible, expression of this. Our new logo can easily translate across multiple mediums from traditional applications such as large scale printed banners, to a small phone icon for a digitally savvy world.  We will uphold the logo worldwide to build a strongly aligned, recognisable organisation indicating that we are one.



The letter M stands for “More”, in More To life. The promise of More potential, More love and More self-acceptance, More impact in our communities and the world in which we live.

You may also notice that our stylized M also appears to be a DNA helix, which is the very foundation of life. This has been done with intention as it’s not only about More, nor is it only about Life – but a combination of them both communicating More Life.

The fluidity of the “M” represents the ups & downs of life with the subtle uptick on either side showing that there’s no clear end or beginning.

The three-dimensionality draws you in and communicates movement, while the subtle shadows communicate the various stages of ourselves as we move from darkness to light.  

The colours selected are authentic and organic:

Green: Represents earth. It symbolises abundance, fertility, stability, groundedness, creativity, nourishment, dependability, intuition, introspection, and wisdom.

Blue: Represents both air and water. Air is associated with the breath of life and lifts your eyes up to possibilities. It symbolises communication, intelligence, perception, knowledge, learning, thinking, imagination, creativity, and harmony. Water is symbolic of healing, fluidity, purification, regeneration, stability, strength, change, fertility, and unconditional love. It symbolises death as well as rebirth.

Earth, air, and water are all attributed with cleansing power.  

The new logo is versatile as it is maintains its visual integrity and compelling nature when applied across a diverse range of mediums. It can also be used in varying ways – as simply a logo, as well as a design element.

And also works stacked or horizontal, and is striking in both colour as well as white. 

In its simplicity the logo will be a clearly visible and recognisable icon on digital and mobile platforms now and well into the future – on Facebook, Whatsapp groups, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

The logo font is Gotham Bold, which has a fluidity like the mark itself while also being clean and minimalist. The font for body copy in the website, newsletters, and any print material will be Montserrat, an easily available Google font.


The new logo has been tested at an event in Birmingham (images below), and has already been applied to the Legacy 2022 Campaign material, the new fundraising effort recently announced in the USA and shortly to be rolled out throughout the world.

  • We have started to create new branded materials with the logo that you may have seen on a few events posted on Facebook. 
  • The Website will shortly be relaunched with the new branding. Watch this space!
  • Marketing kits containing material have been prepared for various courses. beginning with the MTL Weekend.  This kit contains three free-standing banners, a brochure, invitations, all handouts and hospitality packs, and optional printed gifts.
  • As you can imagine, it is not feasible to change the logo on every piece of communication overnight, so there will be a transition period of a couple of months, during which time the old logo will be deleted and replaced with the new logo.
  • The goal is that by the end of July 2018 there will be only one logo and design style visible on every piece of printed, electronic, and digital communication worldwide. This consistency will build our brand globally and professionally.  Impeccability counts – any trace of the old logo on material visible to trainees would look unprofessional and disorganised, and would confuse and dilute brand awareness.
  • Scheduling: A schedule will be provided as to when materials will be ready, and how to access them.   


  • Accessing material: All new branded materials will be available and stored on Google docs for use throughout the world.
  • Every community/country will have two marketing coordinators acting as custodians for marketing and branding, each fully informed and trained in the application of the logo. They will serve as conduits for all your marketing requests with the global design team.
  • Newsletter templates: are already in design and will be provided to communications staff in each country.
  • Facebook: Moderators will be contacted by MarComm (the newly combined Marketing and Communications Team) with details on how and when to change  your Facebook pages, and at that time you will be provided with the logo cropped for social media along with a visual with the community name on it.
  • Time-saving: In the past, one of the big obstacles for us has been the time taken to create material from scratch for each new event.  This is now in the past! Your specific details of venue, dates, times, trainers/speakers, and copy can easily be dropped into the templates.   
  • New materials/special requests: Although much preparation work has been done, and examples of past materials have been requested from every community, it is impossible to anticipate every item of communication you may want for local needs or events. Should you require something beyond what has already been provided, then the process will be to send a Creative Project Request Form to your country’s marketing coordinators. Ensure all information is complete and 100% accurate, and we will create your materials for you.  This will require a 2-week turnaround, so please plan ahead based on the schedule of events and courses being offered in your region.
  • Regional preferences: Materials will also take into account the language and spelling preferences of different regions. You will have an opportunity  to provide images and wording that will resonate in your community, and these will be centrally stored for future use, to ensure they don’t get lost with time. Naturally, these materials need to be in line with our branding approach, and of high resolution.

If you have any further questions regarding the implementation of the logo, please write to  We will be with you every step of the way as the new logo and website go live, and we are excited to partner with you in this big step towards building global recognition of the More To Life brand.  

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