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Our Program

The More To Life Program exists to help you access your best personal qualities on a daily basis: to be more authentic, caring and real, to share and express yourself more fully, and partner more creatively. Above all, it helps you respond to the challenges that confront you in a way that really makes a difference, instead of repeating the automatic behaviour you have come up with so many times in the past.

Whether we realise it or not, each of us is part of a social network without limits. We affect others in our families, our neighbourhoods, and our workplace. Many of us have roles that constantly put us in touch with others. And the impact we have on them affects the way they influence the people in their own lives.

Its goal is to contribute to the transformation of the world around us, one person at a time, and its process tools are designed to be used by you, in your own life, in any way you want to apply them. Process tools cannot change the world. But people, living their lives at their creative best, can and do.

Aims and Structure

The goal of the More To Life Program is to foster personal and social transformation through the empowerment of each individual.

We seek to empower people in all walks of life to contribute to the creation of a truly inheritable world. Over time, we have helped many tens of thousands of people put their own highest values into practice in their lives, and transform the contribution they make to the communities and families of which they are a part.

The More To Life Program is underpinned by the Kairos Foundation, a charity registered in California. The charity is administered by an International Board, and supervised by Local Boards in the USA, UK/EU, South Africa and New Zealand.

The current composition of the International Board: Paula Williams (President), Ian Forbes (Vice-President), Jeanenne Tucker (Treasurer), Anne Brown and Peggy Jarrett.


What we do

More To Life courses are designed to help you develop a completely new and effective way of being and acting in the world. All facets of the More To Life Program are offered in several countries around the world.

Whether you take the More To Life Weekend, attend a Life Class, benefit from one of our Short Courses, or work with a More To Life Coach, you will practice releasing yourself from habitual ways of seeing and acting, and open yourself to new opportunities that might previously have gone unnoticed.

Once you have taken the Weekend course, our Program offers a range of opportunities to take further steps in your growth as a person. Your own needs determine which course you might choose to take next – and when.

We have ten Focus Courses, designed to give you a greater understanding and enhance your effectiveness on a range of subjects and themes – such as relationships, money, and parenting, to name a few big ones!

Residential/Advanced Courses are week-long courses for those who have completed the Weekend course, and want even more! The opportunity here is to extend and deepen your personal development, and skills with dealing with life. The impact of these courses is often described as equal to or even greater than their original experience of the More To Life Weekend.

Mastery Classes, free audio downloads and self-led practice groups are available to help you continue to be at your best in all the key situations, partnerships and relationships that matter to you.

All the practices of the Program are designed to be used in any situation you face, long after the course is over. And the more you use these techniques, the more you will keep learning and growing through everything that happens in your life.

Together our courses make up a Program that has been available to the public on a sponsored basis for over 30 years, as well as being offered through government agencies, private corporations, colleges of higher learning and educational institutions in over 17 countries.



“The Program opens people to a form of partnership with spouses, partners, family, friends and work colleagues which has the power to enhance those relationships, and benefit every aspect of the partners’ lives.”

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The impact of More To Life course work shows up in people’s lives in ways that are unique to each participant. However you can get a sense of its impact by reading feedback from students and extracts from research studies.

[Feedback & Research references…]