Legacy 2022 | A Capital Campaign for Organizational Transformation

Legacy 2022 | A Capital Campaign for Organizational Transformation 2017-04-23T12:45:28+00:00

Legacy 2022

A Stand for Love in the World

Legacy 2022 and the Design & Align Initiative

Many More To Life leaders around the world have united around a common strategic vision of the future, offering sustainability while allowing us to reach more people with our experiential teachings.

We are moving from volunteer-led enrollment and management to a more viable business model: a professionally run organization with a global presence and expanded representation from the regions.

This transition will be accomplished by following a carefully crafted master business plan that has come out of the Design & Align Initiative. We aim for the plan to be fully implemented in the next three years.  Our ultimate goal is to take More To Life from being a “best-kept secret” to a recognized and respected global brand by the year 2022. Hence,  the name of this auspicious capital campaign: Legacy 2022. [Read more in the online brochure…]

The Campaign Co-Chairs

dianamakens_old_circlecrop_150 Gerry Moline Rhonda Schlatter
Diana Makens USA Gerry Moline UK Rhonda Schlatter USA



From the President, More To Life International Board

The name of this campaign – Legacy 2022 – A Stand for Love in the World – really speaks to me.  I have been thinking about my own legacy and the legacy of More To Life, this powerful program.  What we are about is love and connection in the world.  Join with me in creating a legacy of love.  Join with me in taking a stand for love and connection for all the world to experience. With love, honor and respect, Paula Williams

Bill ThatcherInterim Managing Director, Bill Thatcher

Though I came in the More To Life ‘door’ in February 2016 as a consultant with Edward Groody and Associates, my engagement with the organization changed dramatically when I took the More To Life Weekend in March 2016. I’ve had an amazing, rewarding, and humbling experience since becoming part of this community. Truly life-changing! I have worked in and around non-profit organizations all of my adult life. For five years I served as President and CEO of The Foundation for Community Encouragement, an organization founded by well-known psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled. However, in all my years of non-profit work I have never encountered a group with more passion than the women and men involved in the More To Life Program. [Read more in the online brochure…]

View the electronic Legacy 2022 Campaign Brochure online.