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23Feb - 257:00 pmFeb 25- 10:00 pmMore To Life Weekend; London, UKCompletion Evening: 27 Feb 2018Event:More To Life WeekendCountry|City:London,UK/EU

17Mar - 18Mar 179:00 amMar 18Focus Course: Strengthening the Will; Manchester, UKEvent:Focus Course,Opening the Heart,Strengthening the WillCountry|City:Manchester,UK/EU

24Apr - 26Apr 247:30 pmApr 26Mentor Training | B-Phase; Chester, UKEvent:Mentor ,Mentor TrainingCountry|City:Chester,UK/EU

28Apr - 29Apr 289:00 amApr 29Reaching Out - The Mentor Gathering; Chester, UKEvent:Mentor GatheringCountry|City:Chester,UK/EU

11May - 13All DayMore To Life Weekend; Midlands TBA, UKEvent:More To Life WeekendCountry|City:TBA Midlands,UK/EU