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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Migration from the old IDB (International Database) to the new Salesforce-IDB (SF-IDB) beginning in May/June 2016

You probably have heard that the old IDB is being taken offline by our present hosts, and through the generosity of the USA-Board, and incredible technical contributions by Matthew Keasling and Kathy McKay, and Salesforce training and support by Karen Cassidy (Houston), this project (managed by Anne Bauer) is taking shape. The International Board (I-Board) wishes to thank everyone involved in this task for their contributions.

TOP 10 FAQs about the new SF-IDB

#1 | How do I become a user in the More To Life database?

  • Email Karen Cassidy in Houston at salesforce.support@nullmoretolife.org.
  • She is your resource for setup, training and helpdesk needs during this transition.
  • Most MTL leadership, centre staff and regular existing will have already been assigned logins to the new SF-IDB.  If you need a login and have been missed, please contact Karen Cassidy at the email above, who will verify your eligibility, and provide you with the necessary details.

#2 | Are there limitations on what I can see in the SF-IDB?

Yes, there are various levels of access. Each level serves a user’s need based on their role in the community, just like the former IDB. This is in place to protect you, and the highly confidential data of our patrons.

#3 | How do I get trained?

Email salesforce.support@nullmoretolife.org to set up your training. Group training and one-on-one resources will be available as needed.

#4 | Is the new Salesforce International Database (SF-IDB) an exact replica of the old one?

No, the layout, format and tech running SF are completely different, however the functionality is much better and the fields in the IDB were all brought over, with few exceptions.

#5 | Was any data not transferred?

Each field in the former database was moved to the new Salesforce platform. If you notice any deficiencies or challenges, please email salesforce.support@nullmoretolife.org.

#6 | What if I change the email address I use as my login to SF-IDB?

Please contact salesforce.support@nullmoretolife.org to update your information with us. Your email address is your login and our connection to you for updates and other news.

#7 | Are email addresses for our contacts current?

The most current student record was transferred to the new database. The data is as current as the former IDB (as of 30 May 2016 when data was transferred.)

#8 | What reports were replicated from the old IDB?

Reports for contacts, sponsorships and events were created with corresponding fields in Salesforce. Some event reports were deemed unnecessary/rarely used. If you have a need for a new report, please contact us! There is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly report-builder in Salesforce.

#9 | Is the SF-IDB linked up to the Mailing programs? (If not, what is the plan & timeline to do so to the separate accounts around the regions?)

Email functionality will be in future phases of the Salesforce transition. Best practice is to keep your data current in Salesforce, as you did with the IDB. (See further FAQs.)

#10 | Now what do I do?

Take 3 conscious breaths!

More Frequently Answered Questions

What Do I Need To Know Now?

#1 | What is the timeline for this migration?

  • 30th MAY 2016: Final date for making additions or changes to the old IDB
  • 31st MAY 2016: OLD IDB becomes read-only till 30th June. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES IN THE OLD DATABASE on or after this date. ALL CHANGES WILL BE LOST. (Data updates will be need to be made in Salesforce (SF-IDB) as of 1 June 2016. See details on how to access the new SF-IDB in other FAQs)
  • JUNE 2016: Soft Launch of Salesforce International Database (SF-IDB);  establishing user logins, training and beginning functionality will occur.
  • 30th JUNE: the old IDB will cease to exist
  • 1st JULY 2016: Official Launch of the new SF-IDB!

#2 | I am nervous about losing data and reports from the old database. What can I do now?

You are still able to use the old IDB, until 29th June 2016, to generate your reports, spreadsheets and more.  Just please do not try making any changes, adding records or updating anything. Any changes attempted between 30th May and the closing of the old IDB on 30 June will not be backed up, and will be lost. Do any new work, using your assigned login to the new SF-IDB.  Contact details & application for a login to the Salesforce IDB are available in these FAQs.

#3 | Safe Harbor has been repealed (The safe harbour agreement that was made between the EC and the US government essentially promised to protect EU citizens’ data if transferred by American companies to the US.) Is the new Salesforce IDB protected? What is the current status?

More To Life and Salesforce are in full compliance implementing all relevant agreements put in place since the ending of the Safe Harbor Act, in all aspects affecting data privacy and the European Union. Salesforce has legal and binding agreements in place, which are available as a download on their website in the “Legal Information” section. The download link is here.

#4 | Will the data transferred from the IDB to Salesforce (SF-IDB) on May 30 2016 be stored as a backup resource?

Yes, there is a backup of the data from the old server, however it’s not in an ideal user-friendly format. You are encouraged to determine which reports you regard as valuable to keep a digital copy for backup.

#5 | What about User Confidentiality Agreements?

The User Acceptance Policy states: As a student of the More To Life Program, I understand that the personal information contained within the Kairos Foundation/More To LIfe International Database is to be used only for the express purposes of the Kairos Foundation and the More To Life Program. The Salesforce International Database (SF-IDB) information is not to be used for any third-party purposes, including sales, marketing or solicitation for any other organization or individual. All email accounts, mailing lists and other data are similarly protected by law.

How Can I Prepare?

#1 | What can I do to prepare for the transition?

  • Take 3 conscious breaths
  • Backup information:
    • if you want, generate reports to maintain a digital backup document or spreadsheets that you feel is wise to have for your community.
    • This could be some quick reference reports, items you want available for for courses coming up soon in your area.
  • Contact the helpdesk to discuss specifics. We are your resource! Thank you!

#2 | What if our data in the IDB is not current?

Determine any data not entered into the old IDB through 30th May 2016, so you have it available for entry into the new SF-IDB, making your data current. It helps to know how current your data was in the IDB – the most recent updates made, to determine next steps/scope.

#4 | How do we get an export of emails to use with our current mass email tool for our region?

You may email salesforce.support@nullmoretolife.org to determine the best way.

#4 | Now what do I do?

Take 3 conscious breaths!

Future Functionality, the Docs Directory, and more…

#1 | What features are being considered for the expansion of the SF-IDB, after the initial launch?

Added functionality being considered includes:

  1. Cross sync to Mailing programs (which would allow regional administration and creation of Mailings, and facilitate updating of emails by subscribers being synced back to the SF-IDB, and also SF-IDB to Mailing Lists.
  2. Donor Management accounts for each region according to need & functionality required

3. Other functions could include: Event Registration; Online Payment Gateways; Volunteer Management for each region; and more. There are many possibilities!

#2 | What about temporary logins for volunteers or Team?

If the need is only short-term, data or reports can be provided to you for a specific purpose. We’d love to help.

#3 | Are there plans to view the data entry interface in another language? (eg. Spanish/German)

Not at the moment.

#4 | What is happening to the Docs Directory?

The existing Docs Directory will be archived, and accessible as before using either http://moretolife.org/docs or http://intl.moretolife.org/docs, using the ‘usual’ logins and password that you have been assigned.

#5 | Are there future plans for updating the Docs Directory?

At this stage, all we are planning to do is a migration, “as is” of all the existing documents. Updating the document archive is a large task that has not been curated in quite a while. This Project will be in discussion and undertaken within the Design & Align process, at some time in the future.