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Edward Groody
Edward Groody

EDWARD GROODY serves as President and Board Chair of the Community Building Institute which works with non-profits and federal, state and local governments to increase outcomes in criminal justice and social service programs.   He is President of Ed Groody & Associates, Inc., an organization development consulting firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee. He and his team of consultants have been helping companies get exceptional results and create a Spirit of Community in the workplace since 2001. Edward specializes in helping leaders implement change in a way that engages and honors people. He has facilitated highly successful financial and cultural turnarounds in a variety of industries and corporate settings. Edward is a leader in utilising innovative change, leadership and team-building methods. 

Prior to starting Ed Groody & Associates, Inc. he served as Director of Organization Development with Covenant Health, a large health care system serving East Tennessee where he oversaw change management, financial turnarounds, team development and conflict resolution. 

Edward is one of a handful of individuals to train and work with M. Scott Peck, M.D., bestselling author of The Road Less Traveled and developer of the innovative group and team-building process called Community Building. Edward was also a part of the leadership group that organized and facilitated the first men’s conferences with renowned poet and author Robert Bly in Minnesota in the 80s and 90s.

Edward is a long-time student of contemplative practices. In addition to his full-time consulting work, he leads Poetry Divina, Community Building, meditation/centering prayer and other contemplative workshops for retreat centers, universities, nonprofits, businesses, and religious groups. He studied at Grinnell College and has published articles on Community Building.